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Ataur Rahman (Shuvo)



Research Interest

HCI, HCIR,ICT4D, Social Computing




MSc in Human Computer Interaction,BSc Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering


Art, painting, reading

About me

I love working with people and I have been fascinated by the ways novel technologies can influence interaction between human and technology.I recently completed my MSc in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) at The University of Nottingham. My research interest lies in the area of information seeking, HCI, social computing , ICT4D etc.

Previously, I studied in Electronics and Telecomunnication Engineering at North South University, Dhaka. Beside, I have been working as a web designer for over three years now. I served as web developer in iTechnoLab Ltd in Dhaka Bangladesh right after graduation. Later, I was involved with Webimpulse, a web design agency in Central London.

My Skills

I am a passionate researcher and I take immense interest in designing usable and visually attractive UI for various applications(web and mobile). My experience in academia and industry have enabled me with some certain set of skills that a UX/UI design must possess.



Illustrator & Photoshop


UX  Principles

UI  Evaluation Techniques

curriculum vitae


MSc in Human Computer Interaction

University Of Nottingham

1 Years

Sept 2012 - May 2014

Developing Solutions Scholar

Courses - Introduction To Human Computer Interaction,Programming, Studying Human Performance, New Media Design ,Methods For Understanding Users In Computer Science , Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Device Programming , Mixed, Virtual And Augmented Reality , Human-computer Systems.

Dissertation Title: ‘Exploring Opportunities for Facilitating Serendipity in Web Search’

Supervisor : Dr. Max L. Wilson

BSc in Electronics and Telecommmunication Engineering

North South University

4 Years

Jan 2007 - Aug 2011

Course: Signals And Systems ,Ac/dc Circuits , Microelectronics Computer Networks , Web Programming , Database Design And Concepts , Communication Electronics. , Calculus , Verilog Hdl : Simulation And Synthesis , Principles Of Digital Communication , Mobile & Wireless Systems , Principles Of Telecommunication Networks , Microprocessor And Interfacing , Probabilty And Statistics

Undergrad Thesis Title: ‘iClassroom: Toward a Low Cost Interactive Classroom’

Supervisor: Dr. Kazi Abu Sayeed

Work Experience

Front End Developer

Webimpulse (London,UK)

2 Years

July, 2011 –July, 2013


  • Designing and developing websites using Wordpress
  • Producing UI for the end user
  • Deciding on how images and videos will be digitally optimised and presented for the web
  • Ensuring accessibility to all groups including those with disabilities.

Web Designer

iTechnoLab (Dhaka)

6 Months

Jan 2011– June 2011


  • Developing Websites and Applications using Codigniter 2.1
  • Producing UI for the end user
  • Analysing clients requirement and producing design accordingly
  • Ensuring web standards are followed in each steps of the development life cycle.

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My Favorite Quotes



Rahman, M. A., Pallab Mahmud, and Md Mashuk. “Augmented and Virtual Reality based approaches in Minimally Invasive Surgery training.” Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV), 2013 International Conference on. IEEE, 2013. [IEEE Xplore] [PDF]


Rahman, M. A.,V. K. Sarker, K A Sayeed. “iClassroom: Toward a Low Cost Interactive Classroom”,15th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, 2012. [IEEE Xplore] [PDF]


Sarkar, V. K., Rahman, M. A., Matin, M A., “Design and Development of Microcontroller based Digital Bangla Clock”, 2011 The 4th IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, pp- June, 2011. [PDF]


I discovered my enjoyment of teaching while teaching mathematics for Batch Mate, the tutoring house I founded in Dhaka. I prepared over five hundred students for their college admission test between years 2009 to 2011. I also received training from the Teaching Associates Scheme of Nottingham Trent University and was later placed in Ellis Guilford School, Nottingham for teaching ICT.

Batch Mate

I founded batch mate in February 2009, along with a friend of mine. Over the years, my this teaching house grew up to a level where it had three offices in the city and more than 500 students have already studied here and successfully enrolled in different universities. Coming from a engineering background I did learn a lot about running a business, basics of marketing, accounting, logistics and operations. It was pure joy of watching a start-up company growing slowly and successfully. In 2012, Batch Mate was officially closed down as I left the country for higher education.

Professional Services & Memberships


EuroHCIR 2014


  • ACM
  • Batayon Foundation
  • NSU EECS Alumni


I have never wanted to be bound by the limited syllabus of a particular course, and from my second year in college onwards I have been actively involved in a variety of research projects.

Portfolio 1

Exploring Opportunities for Facilitating Serendipity in Web Search [manuscript submitted to CHI 2015] read more

Portfolio 2

iClassroom: Toward a Low Cost Interactive Classroom read more

Portfolio 3
Digital Bangla Clock

Design and development of Digital Bangla clock Read more

Portfolio 4
ICT & Youth

Unboxing ICTD: Communication Technologies in Personal, Family, and Social Life of Young Adults in Urban Bangladesh [manuscript submitted to ICTD 2015]

Portfolio 5

A crowdsourcing medical QA forum

Portfolio 6
Mobile EULA

Step toward a better end-user license


Please drop me a line if you like my profile. If you have any question regarding my research I will try my best to reply.